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Pratt’s Bananas – 12 x 60 Pallet High Cube Ripening Rooms

Pratt's Sovereign Park
Forming part of a 3 phase project MTX were contracted by S H Pratt and Co (Bananas) Ltd to design and install a total of 12 No High Cube 60 Pallet Ripening Rooms at their Sovereign Park depot in Luton.

MTX were originally contracted by S H Pratt and Co (Bananas) Ltd to significantly extend the depot’s ripening capacity at which time MTX was also asked to future proof the new facility, considering the size of the pipework and the pump layout, in preparation for extending the depot in the future.

MTX were contracted to return to the facility to provide an additional 8 No. High Cube Ripening Rooms over a 2 phase project. Both phases were given a tight 8-week programme equating to approximately 2 weeks per room, and despite the facility running a 24-hour operation, MTX were able to maintain the users access to the entire depot throughout the full duration of the project, which was completed on time and on budget. Using this phased approach to the project proved extremely effective and provided the facility with a faster return on investment whilst ensuring disruption was kept to an absolute minimum.

Completing the final phase of the project MTX returned to the facility to install the last 4 No. High Cube 60 Pallet Ripening Rooms, and the installation of an additional pump, all of which was installed in just under 8 weeks with minimal disruption to the client.

Many of MTX’s clients are now opting for the High Cube Ripening Room design, as installed at Sovereign Park, as this incredibly efficient system allows end users to place an additional layer of boxes per pallet on each tier. This provides the client with the maximum amount of ripening capacity using the space available, with minimal additional cost to the overall scheme.

Owner and Managing Director Robert Wells said:

We’ve worked with MTX for many years and have always been happy with the service they deliver. In my opinion, they offer the best product available in the marketplace, in terms of the range of room options available and overall performance. We have a large variety of orders coming through our facility on a daily basis and with the MTX room options we’re able to cater for all orders and, most importantly, achieve reliable consistency with the products we deliver to our clients.

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