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Loblaws – 12 x 42 Pallet Banana Ripening Rooms

Loblaws 12 x 42 Pallet Banana Ripening Rooms
Loblaws awarded MTX with the contract to update the ripening rooms at their Boucherville Quebec distribution centre.

The new 42 pallet ripening rooms were designed to work with the existing direct expansion refrigeration rack on site that fed the previous generation of ripening rooms. The project was completed over 3 months, allowing for minimal interruption to the facility’s day to day activities. The project was carried out with local RBQ trades and delivered to the client on schedule.

Loblaws Ripening Rooms Warehouse

Project Details:

  • The ripening rooms were constructed within an active distribution centre which made communication between both MTX construction staff and local management key to the success of the project
  • The new ripening rooms were constructed with both variable frequency drives and partial loading capability to ensure both energy efficient use of the rooms as well as flexibility for changing load requirements
  • All 12 of the ripening rooms were networked back to an operator control station, allowing the ripener to both monitor and update recipe setpoints
  • The project featured 3 special back tracking sectional doors which were required due to column interference which were designed in co-operation with MTX’s gas-tight door manufacturer
  • Shortly after the project was completed, a cellular alarming system was added as a mean of redundancy to ensure any faults were emailed to maintenance and ripening staff. This was part of a larger initiative at multiple facilities to help minimize product loss due to faults or failures occurring in off hours or on holidays
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