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Metro Richelieu Inc – 11 x 42 Pallet & 9 x 21 Pallet Banana Ripening Rooms

Metro Richelieu Inc 11 x 42 Pallet 9 x 21 Pallet Banana Ripening Rooms
Metro constructed a new fruit, vegetable, and dairy distribution center in Laval, Quebec.

The new distribution center was 241,000 square feet of refrigerated storage space and 40,000 square feet of office space. MTX was awarded the design and construction of twenty (20) banana ripening rooms through a competitive tendering process. The project was successfully completed in twenty-one (21) weeks of construction on site in Laval.

Metro Richelieu Banana Ripening Room

Project Details:

  • The ripening systems were broken between 42 and 21-pallet configurations.
  • The refrigeration work was performed by CIMCO Refrigeration with a CO2 primary and secondary glycol system feeding the ripening rooms.
  • A bridge was constructed to span between the two banks of ripening rooms to allow for ease of access by maintenance personnel.
  • All ripening rooms included the installation of variable frequency drives to control the speed of the pressurization fans based on room and product conditions.
  • All of the rooms were networked back to an operators station which allowed for overall monitoring and control of the 20 systems on site.
  • The overall site capacity was 31,248 boxes of bananas.
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