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Save On Foods – 5 x 42 Pallet Banana Ripening Rooms

Safe On Foods 5 x 42 Pallet Banana Ripening Rooms
Save On Foods constructed a distribution facility in Acheson, Alberta. The facility was built by Norson Construction and consisted of 562,000 square feet of ambient and refrigerated warehouse space and offices.

MTX was contracted to design and build five (5) forty-two pallet banana ripening rooms. The ripening rooms were cooled with a secondary glycol system which received primary cooling via the buildings ammonia refrigeration system. The project featured over the top running doors which ensured aisle lighting was uninterrupted and doors were more easily serviced from the ceiling of the rooms. All rooms were network with remote access and monitoring by facility maintenance and operators.

Safe On Foods Ripening Rooms

Project Details:

  • The design of the secondary refrigeration system including a custom pumping skid was carried out by the MTX office.
  • An access ladder was installed for technician and maintenance staff along with a continuous railing around the perimeter of the rooms.
  • All ripening rooms included the installation of variable frequency drives to control the speed of the pressurization fans based on room and product conditions.
  • Ripening rooms were designed with partial loading to allow for flexible load requirements.
  • All of the rooms were networked back to an operator’s station which allowed for overall monitoring and control of the ripening systems on site.
  • Both the ripening rooms and refrigeration systems were tied into the local network providing service personnel with real-time information in the event of faults or failures on site.
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