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Mack Multiples – 5 x 36 Pallet Pressurised Fruit Ripening Rooms

Mack Multiples 5 x 36 Pallet Pressurised Fruit Ripening Rooms
Installation of Five 36 Pallet Pressurised Fruit Ripening Rooms within a new depot including all refrigeration plant.

In September 2007 MTX completed the installation of five new pressurised ripening rooms within a new depot at Mack Multiples Division in Bishops Stortford.

An open-plan warehouse was purchased by Mack Multiples and MTX designed a layout of the warehouse based upon a specific number of pallets required by the client. All plant items were also designed including the new installation of a sufficient electrical feed for the entire warehouse including future expansion.

Mack Multiples Ripening Rooms Warehouse

Upon approval of the design, MTX removed all redundant services within the facility. A concrete plinth was constructed adjacent to the building in order to house two new air-cooled chillers and a buffer vessel including all associated pipework.

Consideration was taken when at the design stage for future expansion of the facility with additional space allowed on the concrete plinth and all mains pipework suitably sized to allow for additional increase in duty.

The newly installed chillers operate a free-cooling option. This results in cooling of the media not using any energy when the external ambient conditions are below a certain temperature. This has proved to be a very cost effective, energy saving, option over past projects.

This project saw MTX install a new control system complete with touch screen controls. This system is both stylish and easy to use with the added advantage of allowing remote access, via the internet, to the ripening room control.

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