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International Produce Ripening Rooms

International Produce Pressurised Ripening Rooms
MTX provided a turnkey package for two pressurised ripening rooms and one blast chiller at International Produce.

The installation was external to the main facility and required enabling works prior to commencing the room’s construction.

A concrete plinth was designed and installed by MTX to provide a base for the rooms. 3
fully weatherproof rooms were subsequently constructed on this base.

A fallow area was created outside the rooms to act as a link to the existing building. An opening was then formed by the client from the existing building to provide access to the ripening rooms. Refrigeration of the rooms was via externally mounted condensing units.

Each room also contained electrical heating and spray humidification to provide the optimum ripening conditions. The blast chiller room allows the client a rapid cooling option for up to ten pallets of produce over a short period of time. Each room also contained MTX’s unique pallet loading system to give the client the maximum flexibility possible.

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